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The Kurds: Historical Revisionism and the REAL Reasons they have Remained Stateless

September 23, 2017 • Middle East, Politics

The Kurds are the largest group of nomadic people in the world that have remained stateless since the beginning of time. This fact has allowed Western powers to use the “stateless” plight of the Kurdish people as a tool to divide, destabilize and conquer Iraq and Syria, where colonial oil and gas interests run deep.

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Declassified Files Reveal the US Believed the Soviet Union Mastered Mind Control


Declassified documents from the 1970s have revealed the US government were certain the Soviet Union had mastered telepathy, hypnosis and dream infiltration, a la Hollywood blockbuster Inception. A recently declassified Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) report documents the numerous ways the US government believed the Soviet Union could attack or influence small groups of people via paranormal means.

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Ambassador Ala: People of Occupied Syrian Golan Suffer Grave and Methodical Violations of Their Basic Rights by Israeli Occupation


Syria’s Permanent Representative at the UN in Geneva, Ambassador Hussam Eddin Ala, said that the people of the occupied Syrian Golan continue to suffer from grave and methodical violations of their basic rights at the hands of the Israeli occupation which demolishes properties, seizes lands, and steals water and natural resources to serve its colonialist settlement projects.

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Kennedy and Dimona: The Missing Link in the JFK Assassination Conspiracy


Was Israel’s intelligence service, the Mossad, a front-line player in the JFK assassination conspiracy alongside elements of the CIA and international organized crime? Did John F. Kennedy’s determined (and then secret) behind-the-scenes efforts to prevent Israel from building a nuclear weapons arsenal play a pivotal part in the events that led to his assassination on November 22, 1963?

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Belgian Ethics Committee Rules Against Infant Circumcision


A Belgian federal government committee has ruled against the circumcision of infant boys for reasons other than medical necessity. Its ruling states that bodily integrity is more important than religious faith.