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Kennedy and Dimona: The Missing Link in the JFK Assassination Conspiracy

October 6, 2017

Was Israel’s intelligence service, the Mossad, a front-line player in the JFK assassination conspiracy alongside elements of the CIA and international organized crime? Did John F. Kennedy’s determined (and then secret) behind-the-scenes efforts to prevent Israel from building a nuclear weapons arsenal play a pivotal part in the events that led to his assassination on November 22, 1963?

Sir Basil Zaharoff: History’s Most Evil Psychopath Whom You Never Read About in School

While it is hardly surprising that historians have played down the monstrous legacy of ‘philatrophist’ Basil Zaharoff – in much the same way the present generation of historians, academics and journalists are currently protecting George Soros – it still remains remarkable just how well he has managed to remain hidden from the general public for so long. His main legacy being, that Zaharoff facilitated the mass carnage of working class males during the Great War on behalf of the interrelated European royal families, who feared being overthrown by mass unemployed populations looking for food. 

Archaeologists Announce that New Discoveries Solve Mystery of How the Great Pyramid Was Built

A new set of investigations in ancient Egypt have led to some startling discoveries – the translation of an ancient papyrus, the unearthing of an ingenious system of waterworks, and the discovery of a 4,500-year-old ceremonial boat – may be the final pieces to the millennia-old puzzle of how the Great Pyramid of Egypt was really built.

How World War One Still Haunts America

This year is the 100th anniversary of Woodrow Wilson’s pulling America into World War I. Many people celebrate this centenary of America’s emergence as a world power. But at a time when the Trump administration is bombing or rattling sabers at half a dozen nations and many Democrats are clamoring to bloody Russia, it is worth reviewing how World War I turned out so much worse than the experts and politicians promised.

Russia Calls for Investigation Into Whether US Moon Landing Really Happened

The increasingly tense relationship between the US and Russia might be about to face a new challenge: A Russian official has called for an investigation into the validity of US missions to the moon. Vladimir Markin, a spokesman for Russia’s Investigative Committee, suggests an international probe should be launched into the US moon landings between 1969 and 1972 to provide “new insights.”  

World War I Miracle? The Angels of Mons

Hard-pressed English soldiers swore they had seen angels, ghostly archers—or even St. George himself—riding to their aid near Mons in World War I. Some Tommies swore it had been St. George, the warrior saint of England. Others said it might have been St. Michael, since he carried a gleaming sword. Whatever it was, the soldiers agreed, it had saved their lives. No amount of civilian scoffing would ever change that.

Dark Web Decrypts 1676 Letter Written by the Devil: “God Was Invented by Man”

A coded letter written by a 17th-century Italian nun who claimed it had been dictated to her by the Devil has been deciphered by scientists using codebreaking software found on the Dark Web. According to the letter, God was invented by humans who “thinks he can free mortals,” adding that “this system works for no one.” The text also describes God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit as “dead weights.”

West Papua: The Genocide the World Ignores

If you need evidence that politicians and the mainstream media pick and choose which oppressive conflicts to cover in order to further geopolitical ambitions, you need only Google “West Papua.”

Archaeologists Find “Secret Square” Among Famous Ancient Stone Circle

Archaeologists have unearthed a secret square beneath one of the world’s most famous neolithic stone circles. Work by a group of researchers at the Avebury stone circle in Wiltshire has found evidence of a whole new set of megaliths, this time taking the shape of a quadrangle.

Did the Germans Launch a Crewed Rocket Into Space in 1933?

On October 29, 1933, the London Sunday Referee published a report from Rugen, an island in the Baltic Sea, just off the coast of Germany. Someone named Otto Fischer had flown inside a 24-foot steel rocket, to an altitude of six miles. Were the Germans really testing out a rocket that could carry people, nearly three decades before Yuri Gagarin?