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Iranian Officials: Kurdistan Referendum is Israeli Plot

September 27, 2017

On Tuesday, a number of top ranking Iranian political and military figures voiced strong opposition to the independence referendum in the Iraqi Kurdistan region, calling it an Israeli plot and warned about its consequences.

Ambassador Ala: People of Occupied Syrian Golan Suffer Grave and Methodical Violations of Their Basic Rights by Israeli Occupation

Syria’s Permanent Representative at the UN in Geneva, Ambassador Hussam Eddin Ala, said that the people of the occupied Syrian Golan continue to suffer from grave and methodical violations of their basic rights at the hands of the Israeli occupation which demolishes properties, seizes lands, and steals water and natural resources to serve its colonialist settlement projects.

The Kurds: Historical Revisionism and the REAL Reasons they have Remained Stateless

The Kurds are the largest group of nomadic people in the world that have remained stateless since the beginning of time. This fact has allowed Western powers to use the “stateless” plight of the Kurdish people as a tool to divide, destabilize and conquer Iraq and Syria, where colonial oil and gas interests run deep.

Russia Emerges As Victor in Syrian War

No matter what was the US initial goal in Syria, the plans have ended up in failure. Two investigative documents have emerged stating that the United States have been supplying arms and ammunitions purchased from several Eastern European countries to terrorist groups in Syria under the guise to fight the Islamic State (IS). The weapons included AK-47 rifles, rocket-propelled grenade (RPG) launchers, mortars, and other weapons and ammunition purchased in the Czech Republic, Georgia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Romania and Ukraine. The supplies did not result in victories.

Report: US Airstrikes Killed 433 Civilians in Raqqa in August

A new report from British NGO Airwars estimates that US airstrikes against the ISIS capital city of Raqqa in August killed at least 433 civilians. They reported 5,775 bombs, shells, and missiles dropped in the city in that period. Airwars said that the level of US-led coalition airstrikes against Raqqa is even higher than in the Iraqi city of Mosul, where US airstrikes killed massive numbers of civilians. They added that the effects on Raqqa’s trapped civilians have been “equally devastating.”

US Backed Kurdish Factions Colluding with ISIS on Syrian Battlefield

According to the Russian Ministry of Defence, Coalition and Kurdish-led forces are assisting ISIS terrorists in eastern Deir Ezzor through a variety of means in what appears to be an attempt to prevent the Syrian Army and allied paramilitaries from liberating the region.

Washington’s Mission: Creating Chaos in the Middle East

Syria is a victim of destabilization provoked by those who want chaos in the Middle East and also in Europe. It is obvious that there is a political project behind this disaster, involving several intelligence services.

“Shameless, Ignorant, New Hitler of International Politics” — Iran and Venezuela Fire Back After Trump Criticism at UN

Two of the most prominent targets of Donald Trump’s maiden UN speech, Iran and Venezuela, have responded to the US president’s condemnations with some of their own, arguing that Washington continues to be a destabilizing influence.

Kissinger’s Stunning Admission About ISIS and Iran Will Make You Question Everything

Former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, a man who dares not travel in many parts of the globe due to fears of arrest, has made one of the most stunning admissions of his career to date. In an article for CapX, a British online news website founded by the Centre for Policy Studies, Kissinger warned against warned defeating ISIS because doing so could lead to an “Iranian radical empire.”

US Opens Permanent Military Base in Israel Amid Growing Tensions with Iran

While the US routinely deploys forces to Israel, it is has now opened its first official and permanent military base in the country. The move is being seen as symbolic and intended to send a strong message to the enemies of Israel.